• Alameda County Committee on School District Organization

  • County Committee on School District Organization

    The Alameda County Board of Education acts as the County Committee on School District Organization, which reviews and approves proposed changes to school district boundaries.

    The County Committee's responsibilities are empowered by the California Education Code (E.C. Sections 37720-35724, 74100-74110, and 5019 et seq.) and include:

    • Creating or abolishing trustee areas
    • Increasing or decreasing the number of governing board members
    • Rearranging trustee areas
    • Determining alternative methods of electing governing board members
    • Establishing or abolishing common governing boards; and
    • Rearranging trustee areas based on federal decennial census.

    For more information, view the California Department of Education District Organization's Laws and Regulations Handbook.

  • Contact Board of Education

    Ruth Jones
    Policy and Governance Manager
    (510) 670-4257

    Christy Baker
    Administrative Assistant to the Board of Education
    (510) 670-4145

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