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  • California has a new way of assessing local school and district progress known as the California School Dashboard.

    The Dashboard is part of the new state accountability and continuous improvement system that moves California from a single score to multiple measures and from a focus on the average of all students’ performance to equitable outcomes for each student group. The Dashboard is essentially a report card for local schools and districts that takes a more holistic look at the many performance areas that are key to preparing students for college and career after 12th grade. This new accountability system puts equity at the center of assessing local schools and districts and provides greater more transparency for parents and the community.

    ACOE has created a short video (above) to help our community understand the way the Dashboard evaluates all schools and districts throughout the state. We envision that you will be able to use this video as a teaching tool to support your own Dashboard communications efforts.

    ACOE is proud to lead and partner with students and families to achieve equitable outcomes for every student and family in Alameda County.