• resources for parents and guardians

    • Public Charge and Immigration Resources
      School services are NOT impacted by Public Charge! Read how the public charge rule is changing and how it may impact families.
    • California School Dashboard
      California has a new way of assessing local school and district progress known as the California School Dashboard.
    • Annual Parent Notification (template for 2023-2024) -
      The Annual Notice to Parents contains information about the rights of parents and guardians, and the responsibilities of school districts, regarding student discipline, school records and achievement, health services, student services, sex/HIV education, school attendance, and other subjects, in reference to the Education Code of California.
    • Content Standards
      Information about Common Core State Standards and what students are expected to learn at each grade level.
    • Family and Community Engagement Programs
      The Family and Community Engagement Programs deliver training and provide support to build family, school, and community partnerships across Alameda County.
    • Composite Calendar for the 2022-23 School Year
      The composite calendar provides information about opening and closing days, number of student and teacher days, and holidays of all school districts in Alameda County.
    • K-12 School Districts in Alameda County
      List of all K-12 school districts in Alameda County along with URL, addresses, and phone numbers.
    • Charter Schools in Alameda County
      List of charter schools in Alameda County along with contact information.
    • Expulsion Appeals
      If your child is being expelled and you want to challenge that decision, you can ask the Alameda County Board of Education to determine whether you and your child received a fair hearing from your local school board.
    • Interdistrict Transfer Appeals
      Information about the appeals process for parents and guardians who seek to transfer their child to a different school district.
    • Applications for Free and Reduced Meals (at ACOE Community School Sites)
      Information about free meals for children served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program at three of our Community School sites: Hayward Community School, Burke Academy, and Fruitvale Academy.
    • Student Programs and Services Schools
      Information about the Community and Court Schools in Alameda County
    • Uniform Complaint Procedures
      How to file a complaint regarding an alleged violation by a local educational agency of federal or state laws or regulations governing educational programs, including allegations of unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying and noncompliance with laws relating to pupil fees.
    • Williams Legislation Oversight
      Information about the Williams Settlement Legislation and how the Williams Task Force guides districts in Williams compliance.