• The Human Resources Division develops and administers certificated and classified personnel activities for the ACOE. We support the employment needs of ACOE departments and districts within Alameda County by providing employee recruitment, credentialing, employment skills testing, and employee retirement services and training assistance.

Areas of Work

  • Credentialing Services

    The Alameda County Office of Education's Credential Department serves as a liaison to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and those that need assistance navigating credentialing requirements.

    Certification & Exam Services

    We provide examinations and certifications for Instructional Assistants. We also offer a CTC-approved US Constitution exam once a month.

     Leadership Development Program

    ACOE Clear Administrative Credential Class of 2017
    ACOE Clear Administrative Credential Class of 2017

    A primary responsibility and charge of the ACOE Human Resources Division is to provide ongoing support to our 18 client school district Human Resources departments in the area of leadership development and Human Resources.

    ► Professional Development

    • Supervision and Evaluation
    • Effective Communication
    • Hiring Practices
    • Increasing Employee Capacity
    • Trust Building
    • Emotional Intelligence Guidance
    • Decision Making Processes
    • Critical Conversations
    • Path to the Principalship
    • Resilience

    Contact Margaret DaSilva for more information.

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    margaret dasilva

    Margaret daSilva
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    nidia quick

    Nidia Quick
    Senior Human Resources Specialist
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    Yvonne lee

    Yvonne Lee
    Human Resources Specialist
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