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    ACOE’s College of Education offers an all online Clear Career Technical Education (CTE) Teaching Credential program for people new to teaching and exisiting teachers. All applicants who qualify for the Preliminary Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Credential are authorized to begin teaching CTE classes.

    See 3 Steps to Apply

    What is Career Technical Education (CTE)?

    CTE is a program of study at the middle or high school level integrating core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge. There are 15 CTE subject areas called industry sectors. Teachers holding a Preliminary CTE teaching credential are authorized to teach courses within the industry sector on their credential.

    How do I apply to ACOE's program?

    1. Determine whether you qualify.
    2. Pay the Program Fee.
    3. Mail in your application materials in one envelope.

    See 3 Steps to Apply for details.

    When can I start teaching and taking classes?

    1. Apply to the program.
    2. Qualified candidates will be asked to get a Certificate of Clearance if they do not have one. Directions will be provided.
    3. Pay the Commission on Teacher Credentialing fees and ACOE tuition deposit.

    See 3 Steps to Apply for details.

    How do I complete the program and get my Clear CTE Credential?

    1. Satisfy the 2-year CTE teaching or advanced personalized preparation requirement.
    2. Satisfy the U.S. Constitution and Health Education requirements.
    3. Complete your coursework.

    See Program Overview for details.

    I don’t live or work in Alameda County. Can I earn a credential through your program and use it where I work?

    Yes! The ACOE online CTE credential program is available to you no matter your location. A CTE teaching credential authorizes someone to teach a CTE course in their industry sector in any public school in California.

    What are the industry sectors?

    • Agriculture and Natural Resources 
    • Arts, Media, and Entertainment 
    • Building and Construction Trades 
    • Business and Finance 
    • Education, Child Development, and Family Services 
    • Energy, Environment, and Utilities 
    • Engineering and Architecture
    • Fashion and Interior Design 
    • Health Science and Medical Technology 
    • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation 
    • Information and Communication Technologies 
    • Manufacturing and Product Development 
    • Marketing Sales and Service 
    • Public Services
    • Transportation 

    CTE IT Instructor with students

    Important Dates


    9/14/20           Final date to submit application for fall term 
                               (Clear credential holders only)
    9/21/20           Registration for fall term ends
    9/28/20           Beginning of fall term
    11/20/20         End of fall term

    Winter Term
    1/15/21           Final date to submit application for winter term 
                              (First-time teachers only)
    1/22/21           Registration for winter term ends
    2/1/21             Beginning of winter term

    3/15/21           Registration for spring term begins
                              (for those enrolled in CTE 101 in the winter term only)
    3/26/21           End of winter term

    Spring Term            
    4/12/21           Registration for spring term ends
    4/19/21           Beginning of spring term
    6/11/21           End of spring term

    Students at work

    Course Schedule

    CTE 103 Foundations of CTE for All Students (Clear credential holders)

    CTE 101 Preparing to Teach All Students (First-time teachers)

    CTE 102 Learning and Instruction for All Students (First-time teachers)

    CTE 103 Foundations of CTE for All Students (Clear Credential holders)
    (If minimum course enrollment is met by March 1, 2021. Next offering is Fall 2021)

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