Alignment Bay Area

    We create aligned networks that provide equity, opportunity, and inclusion for every student in the Bay Area so that they will have a family sustaining income by the time they are 25.

  • LIVE

    Youth have the support they need.


    Students are college and career ready and able to succeed in the future.


    Everyone in our community earns at least a family-living wage.


    Our community is well: mentally, physically, and economically.

  • Goals in progress by 2025 

    Aligned purpose, partners, and strategies

    Accessible pathways to college and career for every student

    Authentic work-based learning and industry engagement for students

    Attainable Bay Area Living Wage for all youth


    • The Bay Area needs a larger local talent pipeline and young people in the region need support in attaining family-sustaining incomes.
    • Business, community and education organizations are not coordinated together in building and growing a regional college and career readiness system.
    • The strategies and approaches that are in place around college and career readiness are not aligned nor able to scale.
  • Over 18,000

    Students matched to tech work-based learning experiences from employer panels to internships last year.



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    Technology Internships


    Teachers Mentored