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    What is the process for obtaining a waiver for elementary schools?

    Waiver Information from CDPH: A waiver of this criteria may be granted by the local health officer for elementary schools to open for in-person instruction. A waiver may only be granted if one is requested by the superintendent (or equivalent for charter or private schools), in consultation with labor, parent and community organizations. Local health officers must review local community epidemiological data, consider other public health interventions, and consult with CDPH when considering a waiver request.

    ACPHD Information: Alameda County was placed on the state’s monitoring list on July 12, which means schools must not physically open for in-person instruction until the County has come off the Monitoring List for 14 consecutive days. Additionally, our County’s reopening was paused on June 29 due to our increase in hospitalizations and positive COVID-19 cases. While we are in this pause, we will begin to develop a waiver process, which we will consider implementing when local indicators improve and in alignment with state guidance. However, at this time, the county health officer is not accepting any waivers to open elementary schools.

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