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    Alameda County Vaccination Status Report, Phase 1B

    The Alameda County Office of Education in committed to supporting the Alameda County Public Health Department's efforts to swiftly vaccinate educators against COVID-19.

    Phase 1B

    Open Now

    Education staff for public, private and charter schools in Alameda County are in Phase 1B as determined by the state.

    325,000 people; 650,000 doses for full vaccine

    • Age 75+
    • Age 65-74
    • Education and Child Care
    • Food and Agriculture
    • Emergency Services

    Vaccine Sources

    • Alameda County
    • State/Federal
    • City of Berkeley (for Berkeley education employees only)
    • Health Care Providers
    • Retail Sites

    Many Pathways to Vaccine

    • County/Community and Specialized PODS
    • Health Care Provider Sites
    • Federal Mass Vaccination Sites (Oakland Coliseum)
    • County/Provider Partnerships (Alameda County Fairgrounds)
    • Retail Drugstores (i.e., CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid)

    This effort will likely take months. In the meantime, remember the layers of safety: masks, distancing, and hygiene.

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