• COVID-19 Vaccines for School Staff

    Alameda County Public Health announced that vaccinations for individuals in Phase 1b - which includes staff for public, private and charter schools under California’s vaccination plan

    ACOE is currently working with ACPHD and the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to faciliate the delivery of vaccine doses for our county's education personnel. The Phase 1B group in Alameda County  includes approximately 325,000 people, approximately 41,000 of which are members of the K-12 education workforce.

    The Alameda County Office of Education is committed to the county, state and federal efforts to swiftly vaccinate educators against COVID-19. Educators are advised to check this webpage frequently for information about COVID-19 vaccinations.

Updates for Alameda County School Personnel

  • March 3, 2021

    Coliseum Vaccine Update

    We are excited to report that the Oakland Coliseum mega site will be holding two educator-only vaccine days on Thursday and Friday, March 4 and 5, as part of the Governor’s plan to prioritize vaccines for the education workforce in our state. 

    • Appointments for these dates will be by invitation only, and may be made using the MyTurn.ca.gov system. Education staff identified by districts and schools as part of high-priority groups are receiving single-use codes from our office this week to access those appointments. 
    • We expect the Coliseum site will be offering more educator-only days moving forward and that we will have more single-use codes to disseminate.
    • The educator days at the Coliseum are open to education staff from multiple counties. This is not merely an Alameda County effort, which will limit the number of appointments available to Alameda County educators.

    We are so appreciative that the state’s effort to prioritize education staff is leading directly to our increased ability to match staff with appointments.


    Matching Education Staff With Vaccine

    ACOE staff has been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to match education employees  seeking vaccine appointments with opportunities to secure an appointment.

    In addition to vaccinating 750 education staff in our Priority 1 group from the most-impacted zip codes in the county at our Cal OES Pod at ACOE two weeks ago (with second doses next week), we are actively engaged in matching education staff with appointments at multiple levels.

    We have been able to add significant numbers of education staff to the list for vaccine at the Alameda County Fairgrounds site, as well as county PODs (point of dispersal sites), such as the La Familia POD in Hayward.

    In addition, ACOE surveyed every school district, charter school and private school to determine how we can assist their staff in accessing vaccination priority codes. We have received responses from the majority of schools and districts, and are using these responses to provide vaccination accessibility codes to highest-priority staff.

    We are also conducting weekly surveys of all education staff in the county to determine who is still seeking vaccine appointments in order to more effectively and efficiently assist in matching staff with vaccine appointments. We ask that staff please keep an eye out in the emails for these surveys and fill them out according to the deadlines listed.

    We are doing a significant amount of data work in this process and ask for your patience as we support thousands of education staff across the county.


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  • February 28, 2021

    The weekend doesn't stop the efforts being made to vaccinate as many of our education workforce as possible!

    Two key pieces of information today:

    • You may well have received a survey from your school or district in your email. Please fill it out when you get a moment. We are working with county public health, Cal OES and FEMA to coordinate making vaccine available and we need this information for our planning purposes to determine who is still seeking vaccination from our ed workforce. Thank you in advance!
    • Next is also big news! The Alameda County Fairgrounds is opening appointments for educators starting on March 1. These appointments will be targeted by Priority to education staff in the South and East Alameda County areas. You may receive an appointment link as soon as this weekend.

    And we look forward to sharing more new about vaccine availabiliity as soon as tommorrow.

    Stay tuned!


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Alameda County Education Personnel

  • (View this FAQ as text-only)

    What do I need to bring to my vaccine appointment to verify my employment?

    Where can education personnel access vaccines in Alameda County?

    How are education personnel being prioritized in Alameda County?

    ACOE has assisted districts and schools in prioritizing their education workforce so that we can ensure equitable distribution of vaccine within the education community. Districts and schools have prioritized their staff using the following guidelines:

    I work as an educator in Alameda County, but I live in another county. Can I get vaccinated in Alameda County?

    Yes. You can get vaccinated in your county of employment. The MyTurn.ca.gov app is now accepting out-of-county registrations for the Coliseum site.

    Do I have to get tested at my school site even after being vaccinated?

    Yes. You should continue to get tested even after being vaccinated.

    How long will it take to vaccinate school personnel?

    The effort to vaccinate all individuals in Phase 1b will likely take months, even as supply increases. Please continue to consistently implement layers of safety with masks, distancing, and hygiene.

    What process is in place to approve COVID-19 vaccines?

    COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials. Vaccination is one of the most important tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine webpage to find updated information on the Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) issued by the FDA for COVID-19 vaccines.

    What is the cost of vaccinations?

    Vaccines will be provided at no cost.