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  • What is Career Technical Education (CTE)?

    CTE is a program of study at the middle or high school level integrating core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge. There are 15 CTE subject areas called industry sectors. Teachers holding a Preliminary CTE teaching credential are authorized to teach courses within the industry sector on their credential.

    How to I apply to ACOE's program?

    1. See if you qualify.
      The Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s (CTC’s) requirements for the CTE credential can be found here.
    2. Learn about our program.
      We offer programs for people new to teaching and existing teachers. See our Program Overview for details.
    3. Enroll in our program.
      See our Application Checklist and our Application Form document.

    When can I start teaching and taking classes?

    1. Get fingerprinted
      Once you apply and pay the program fee, you will get your fingerprints taken at one of the approved locations. Existing Commission-approved teachers skip this step.
    2. Pay the tuition deposit
      Once you make a deposit towards your first course, we will submit our recommendation to   the CTC for you to receive the Preliminary Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credential.
    3. Receive your 3-year Preliminary CTE credential 
      The CTC will process your credential. While you are waiting, we can provide you a credential recommendation letter that you can show an employer for the purposes of gaining employment and starting teaching. You will start coursework in the term that follows your recommendation for the Preliminary CTE Teaching Credential.

    How do I complete the program and get my Clear CTE Credential?

    1. Satisfy the teaching requirement
      Two years of teaching a CTE course at the K-12 level during the 3-year time period is required.
    2. Complete your coursework
      See the course requirements in the Program Overview. 
    3. Receive your Clear CTE credential
      Upon the completion of the teaching and course requirements you will be recommended for the 5-year Clear Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credential, which can be renewed.