• Green Careers Guidance Initiative (GCGI)

    ACOE’s Green Careers Guidance Initiative will improve student guidance into the skilled trades, and other fields in the green economy in the Bay Area

    Our goal is to expedite the journey into living wage jobs for graduates while doing our part to address the climate crisis.



    Professional Development

    Trainings for Counselors and other school staff who provide career and college guidance


    Guidance Materials

    Interactive career maps by field with links directly to effective next steps for students not attending four year college directly after high school 


    Expert Green Career Advisors

    Highly trained staff who provide direct advising to students in partner schools who interested in entering the trades and other green careers directly after high school. 

  • Contact 

    Greg Cluster

    Greg Cluster
    Director of Career Education
    (510) 670-4595


    Nick Beasley
    Program Director, GCGI

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