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    The Pathways to College and Career Department supports the new accountability measures for College and Career Readiness determined by the US Department of Education and California’s Local Control Funding Formula. As the new College and Career Indicators for California are approved, and other policy initiatives launched, the Pathways to College and Career Department will help Alameda County districts meet district needs and provide equitable solutions to all of our youth.

    Currently, two efforts support Pathways to College and Career (P2C&C): Project EAT (Educate. Act. Thrive.) and Project Pathways. Both programs marry youth development strategies with rigorous standards-based approaches. These strategies include system building; a curriculum that includes dual enrollment; work-based learning; and networking sessions for alternative school teachers, community colleges and workforce development.

    Youth Internships (Paid and Unpaid)

    Youth internships (paid and unpaid) are negotiated through our partnership with local Workforce Development Boards. These opportunities allow youth to acquire real world work experience. For more information, please contact the Work Based Liaison in your school district.

    Youth Employment Opportunities

    Youth employment opportunities are made available through various community based organizations, Workforce Development Boards, and public and private Industry efforts. The Project Pathways website provides a list of partners that support youth employment opportunities including Y.E.P., Berkeley Youth Alternatives, City of Oakland Mayor’s Summer Job Program, and East Bay Earn and Learn.

    Course and Curriculum Development

    The youth we serve participate in an alternative education setting —continuation, court, or community schools. We create modules and adjust courses and curriculum used in alternative education to increase student access. For more information, please contact Chris Boynton, Ed.D.

    Career Exploration

    There are currently two curriculum-based career exploration programs supported by this initiative:

    Exploring College, Career and Community Options

    • Learn about college and career options
    • Make connections between classroom learning and college and careers
    Understand and practice transferable 21st Century Skills Get Focused...Stay Focused!

    The Get Focused…Stay Focused!™ model is a classroom-based, comprehensive guidance program designed to:

    • increase high school and college completion 
    • assure successful entry into the workforce with the skills required to succeed

    For more information about the Get Focused...Stay Focused curriculum, please visit Get Focused...Stay Focused!

    Employer Engagement

    East Bay Earn and Learn is our employer engagement tool that invites employers into the Career Pathways. 
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  • Contact

    Chris Boynton Chris Boynton, Ed.D.
    Executive Director, Project EAT, Project Pathways
    (510) 670-4544
    LaShonda Taylor LaShonda Taylor
    Director, R4/Career Pathways Trust 2
    (510) 670-4139