Learning & Accountability Training and Support Networks

  • Support Networks

    ACOE's Learning & Accountability Services division convenes several networks across the county as a forum for learning, reflection, analysis, and action to support district and school success.

    Our networks serve as professional communities of practice for specialized instructional and educational service. Network participation is open to staff from our 18 member school districts.

    Assessment & Data Network

    The Assessment & Data Network supports the effective use of data for district directors and managers charged with local and state assessments.

    Contact: Scott Figgins, Program Director, sfiggins@acoe.org

    Core Coaching Network

    The Core Coaching Network (CCN) supports instructional implementation plans and strategies aligned with the California State Standards. CCN serves both district and site-level instructional coaches.

    In the CCN, you will:

    • Develop a strong community through shared expertise and time to network with neighboring districts
    • Deepen content expertise and Common Core/NGSS implementation readiness
    • Advance design and delivery of 21st-century curriculum, instruction, and professional development, including the implementation of cutting-edge technology tools
    • Strengthen systems thinking and strategic planning practices

    Contact: Navdeep Purewal, Executive Director, npurewal@acoe.org

    Early Learning Network

    The Early Learning Network (ELN) supports early learning leaders to improve the quality of early childhood educational services delivered to preschool, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten through second-grade students.

    In the ELN, you will:

    • Engage in activities that initiate discussions focused on conducive early learning programs
    • Receive guidance on the administration of the Desired Results Development Profile (DRDP), School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale (SACERS) and other formative assessments
    • Network with your early learning colleagues from other Alameda County school districts

    Contact: Neva Bandelow, Program Manager, nbandelow@acoe.org