• Curated Links to Coding Activities for Pre-K+


    Go Bananas

    Oh cleaver monkey, you could use some help. I’ll collect bananas for you and we’ll find the treasure together. Early learners program a monkey’s adventure using code icons and block in order to learn the basics of coding.


    Grades Pre-K+ | Blocks, Icons

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    Peep's Nature Walk

    Peep and his friends love to walk in nature. Learn the basics of block coding as you create an animated nature adventure for Peep. This activity includes audio instructions to support pre-readers.


    Grades K-2+ | Blocks, Tynker

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    Kodable for Pre-Readers

    Kodable Pre-Readers

    Go on a self-guided adventure into the world of the Fuzzes in one of four Kodable games. This self-guided activity introduces leaners 4 and up to the basics of computer programming. This fun and easy coding experience includes audio and icons to guide instruction.


    Grades Pre-K+ | Blocks, Icons

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    PBS Kids: Scratch Jr.

    Create your own interactive stories and games through 10 differenct programming activities and tutorials. Learn to code through games and adventures featuring PBS Kids characters.


    Grades K+ | Blocks

    Runs on iPad


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    Daisy the Dinosaur

    Daisy the Dinosaur introduces the basics of coding young learners, including pre-readers. It has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface to teach coding basics like object, loops, sequencing and events using block code and icons.


    Grades Pre-K+ | Icons, Blocks

    Runs on IOS and Android devices

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    Make Your Own Maze

    Learn how to guide your Fuzzy friends through a series of mazes using simple icons and then create your own adventure. Audio, visual instructions help guide you to build your own maze adventure

    Grades Pre-K+ | Icons

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