• Curated Links to Coding Activities for Grades 2+


    Candy Quest

    Write code for candy. What could be better? Create your own candy troll and go on a multi-level adventure; navigating obstacles and collecting gumdrops and mints all why trying to find your way back home. Activities teach sequencing, conditionals and loop

    Grades 2+ | Blocks, Tynker

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    Imagine a World

    Imagine a world where anything is possible. Use Scratch to bring your ideas to life in this guided tutorial. It’s one of 10 Scratch activities that will teach you everything you need to know about writing code in Scratch. Find more tutorials at scratch.mit.edu/tutorials.

    Grades 2+ | Blocks , Scratch

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    Dance, Dance, Dance

    Code a Dance Party to share with your friends. Choreograph your virtual dancers to floss and dab in synch through programming. Enjoy some tunes and make yourself a dance party. Let your creative energies flow. Have fun.

    Grades 2+ | Blocks

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    Animate a Name

    Use code to bring a name to life through animation, sound and music. It can be a nickname, a favorite sports team, place, pet, or anything else you can think of. Use your imagination! The activity includes video instructions and a solutions guide.

    Grades 2+ |Blocks, Scratch

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    Designed to introduce learners to coding. Program a robot to navigate a maze The purpose of the activity is to have the robot light up all the blue tiles. Arrange icons on the screen to command the robot to walk, turn, jump, and turn on a light. Users solve 20 puzzles that get progressively more difficult.

    Grades 2+ | Icons

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    Code Monsters

    Solve a set of 21 coding puzzles in order to learn how to program the monsters you collect. They learn and apply computational thinking concepts like sequencing and automation. The puzzles start out with coding using simple blocks and progress to JavaScript and Python.

    Grades 2+ | Blocks, Tynker, Javascript, Python

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    Game Maker Starter Kit

    Build your own game using Tynker’s platformer libraries and the Level Editor. Use tiles to design your platforms, then add custom power-ups, sinister villains, and create a hero. Ambitious coders can add an end condition that, when reached, takes the hero to the next level!

    Grades 2+ |Blocks, Tynker

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    Code Crazy Creatures

    Learn coding by creating fun, interactive pictures. Explore coding concepts like sequencing, loops, events, and actions as you create crazy creatures in this exciting adventure!

    Grades 2+ | Blocks

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    Puppy Adventure

    Oh no. The family forgot to put Pixel the puppy in the car and left without her. Help Pixel find her family. Use code to stay on the path and navigate a series of obstacles in order to return Pixel safely home to her family.

    Grades 2+ | Blocks, Tynker

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