• Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Network

    The Alameda County Office of Education launched its first FACE network in the 2014-15 school year.

    The FACE Network convenes educational leaders representing diverse programs across Alameda County school districts to build capacity around research-based Dual-Capacity building framework, exchange knowledge and resources and problem solve individual and collective challenges. FACE Network is guided by Racial Equity and Social Justice principles and the Six Conditions of Systems Change; Structural Change, Relationships, Connections, Power Dynamics, and Transformative Change. Within the network, participants from across programmatic areas engage in practice and policy discussions and receive tailored culturally responsive professional development, capacity-building training, coaching, and technical assistance. 

    The FACE Theory of Action (ToA) states that family and community engagement, positive school climate, and cultural transformation should be meaningfully integrated across the school system aligned to academic outcomes through a collaborative effort rooted firmly in racial equity and social justice examining programs, practices, and policies.

    Participants will co-create, assess, implement and explore strategies to integrate justice-oriented policies, programs, and practices across their local strategic plans, Local Continuity Plans (LCP), and Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs). The FACE Network serves as a model for how the collective ownership of participants can transform educational systems from unilateral transactional spaces into collaborative spaces of partnership.

    Theory of Action


    Webinars 2020-21

    1. Building Capacity: Home-School Connections Three-Part Series
    2. Seize This Moment: Family Partnerships for Social Transformation

     Alameda County Professional Learning Network highlighted in California Way: The Golden States Quest to Build An Equitable & Excellent Education System.

    Learn more by listening to Episode 10 https://www.ccee-ca.org/podcasts-ca-school-field-trip.asp


     District administrators engaged in PLN

    (Source: Professional Learning Network (PLN) Meeting Fall 2019) 


    SDSU Parent Leader Certification Training Program

    (Source: San Diego State University Partnership Leadership Development Institute on Family Engagement Training 16-17)

    Hayward USD team

    (Source: San Diego State University Partnership Leadership Development Institute on Family Engagement Training 16-17)

    2020-21 FACE Meeting Agendas and Resources

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