• Mathematics

    At a Glance

    Our Mathematics program provides strategic advising and professional learning experiences to educators in order to ensure that every single student, regardless of background or previous educational experience, attains high levels of mathematics achievement and is prepared for college, career, and community. Support services are provided at site-, district- and countywide levels and include workshops, brokering of resources, and providing resources and information to teachers and administrators. 

    What We Offer

    • Customized professional learning experiences at site-, district-, and county-wide levels in support of CA Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
    • Targeted Support for Districts
    • Featured Workshop Series:
        • ACOE Productive Struggle Mathematics Speaker Series is here!  Register Here to attend the 4 part series: We will look at ways to support the mathematical development,
          particularly fluency, of our students through struggle. We will also use a
          similar lens to challenge ourselves as educators to find the beauty in
          productively struggling for equitable change in Mathematics education.

     Flyer for ACOE Math Speaker Series

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    Michelle Lau

    Michelle Lau
    Program Manager, Mathematics
    (510) 670-4118