• Curated Links to Coding Activities for Grades 6+


    Escape the Dungeon!

    Your hero is trapped in a dungeon. You’ve got to find a way out. Code your way through a world of laser beams, lava pits and monsters. Find magic tools to unlock your new programming powers as you collect gems and level up on your adventure to escape Kithgard Dungeon.

    Grades 6+ | JavaScript, Python, Lua, CoffeeScript

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    Code a Cartoon

    The MIT Media Lab and the Cartoon Network have teamed up to bring some of your favorite cartoon characters to life by coding your own animation. Add characters and make them jump, fly, and talk.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks

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    Beach Clean Up

    The average American consumer produces over 1600 pounds of trash a year. This garbage eventually ends up in the ocean and it's is a huge problem. Help clean up the beach in this activity. Select "Play Without Saving" to code without creating an account.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks, JavaScript

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    Enjoy four exciting adventures designed to foster your creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and computational thinking skills. Help Steve and Alex as they journey through underwater worlds and strange new lands. Solve puzzles, explore and create, all while learning to code.

    Grades 6+ | Java, Blocks

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    Augment Your Reality

    Learn about augmented reality and make your own AR space. Create objects and program them to move around in a real environment using your phone camera or a webcam. We recommend you try doing the "Intro" activity first if you are new to AR.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks

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    Code Quest

    Izzie and Jake volunteer at a local aquarium and are tasked with a science adventure to collect scientific data on the ocean floor using a submarine. Aid them in collecting and analyzing data to help protect our oceans.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks, Scratch

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    Game Builder

    Take your coding skills to the next level by learning to build your own games. Start off with very simple steps and gradually build a platformer game that introduces you to the way a real programming interface looks and works. Learn the mechanics of building a Super Mario™-style game. Afterwards, share your game!

    Grades 6+ | CoffeeScript

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    Moon 2 Mars

    Imagine living on the Moon and travelling to Mars. You'll have a chance to explore this dream through a set of NASA inspired activities. Design you own animated mission patch, simulate living on the Moon at the Lunar Gateway Station and create your own original projects. This all level experience has something for everyone interested in space exploration.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks,JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS

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    Is Eliza Human?

    Meet Eliza. Is she human or a Chatbot? Who knows? In this introduction to Python you’ll have a chance to create your own Chatbot. Can you fool your friends into thinking they are interacting with an actual living human being? Have fun and find out.

    Grades 6+ | Python

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    5 Minute Website

    Ever wanted to build a website but didn’t know how or where to start? This is a great introduction to coding using HTML and CSS. In 5 minutes you’ll be creating a website. Code a few lines to build a simple, yet nice looking landing page.

    Grades 6+ | HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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    Build Your Own Mobile App

    Try blowing up a pie or flushing a notebook down a black hole using JavaScript. Follow the easy to follow steps in five fun mini lessons to learn the basics and then start building your own creations. Use your imagination. Beginners welcome!

    Grades 6+ | JavaScript

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    Text to Speech

    They’re talking! Use Text-To Speech blocks powered by Amazon to give your computer characters a real voice. Create interactive stories, give your characters lines to say and let your characters have conversations with each other. You can even choose a different voice for each character. Experiment with new ways of telling stories and share them with your friends.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks

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