Tips for Parents & Family Members


    Vaccinations are required for TK-K Students and 7th Grade Students

    California law requires all students attending public or private school be vaccinated against certain infectious diseases to keep themselves, their families and their classmates safe. The school must have a copy of each student's vaccination record on file.

    1. The Immunization Requirement has not been waived by the State of California.
    2. When schools reopen - even in hybrid models - students MUST be immunized to return to classrooms.
    3. Contact your health care provider and make an appointment to get your immunizations now.
    4. Plan ahead. Health care providers will not be able to handle a rush of families coming in for immunizations when re-openings may be announced.
    5. Waiting too long could result in a delay in your student’s ability to return to school.

    More information at www.shotsforschool.org .

    Free immunization Resources at www.acphd.org/clinics.aspx .