• Charter Schools

    A charter school is a public school that may provide instruction in grades kindergarten through 12, created and organized by community leaders or community-based organizations, a group of parents, or teachers. Charters can be authorized by a local school district board, county board of education, or the state board of education.

    Our department provides oversight and support to the ACOE authorized charter schools in addition to annual renewals and petition appeals.

  • Contact Charter School Staff

    Juwen Lam Juwen Lam
    Chief of Accountability Services
    (510) 670-4147
    Anika Patterson Anika Patterson
    Acting Director I, District and School Support
    (510) 670-4171
    Scott Figgins Scott Figgins, M.Ed.
    Director I, Analytics
    (510) 670-4245
    Natasha Cotar Natasha Cotar
    Program Director, Strategic School Support
    (510) 670-4583
    Shannon Obrien Shannon O'Brien
    Program Manager, Research & Evaluation
    (510) 670-4283
    Yosaira Espinoza Yosaira Espinoza
    Program Manager, District & School Support
    (510) 670-4542
    amanda bennett Amanda Bennett
    Project Director, Data
    (510) 670-4560
    sierra falcon Sierra Falcon
    Project Director, Accountability Partnerships
    (510) 670-4557