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    The County LCAP Process

    The new Local Control Funding Formula requires districts to develop Local Control and Accountability Plans to set annual goals for all students and to detail how funds will be spent to achieve those goals.

    The plans must include parent input and show how the district will increase or improve services for specific student groups, particularly English Learners, low-income, and foster youth. County offices must also develop a plan for expelled youth.

    The current LCAP for county offices of education identifies goals, action steps, and measures across ten (10) required priority areas:

    1. Basic services such as highly qualified teachers, sufficient instructional materials, and well-maintained facilities
    2. Implementation of the Common Core State Standards
    3. Parent involvement
    4. Student achievement
    5. Student engagement
    6. School climate
    7. Access to rigorous courses
    8. Other student outcomes
    9. Services for foster youth
    10. Instruction of expelled students

    Informational videos are available at LCFF.WestEd.org.

    Parent Participation

    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

    ACOE's Parent Advisory Committees provide input and feedback on the Student Programs and Services Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The committees are made up of the parents and students who participate in the Court and Community Schools Site Councils. The District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) includes parents of English Learners focused on improving support and outcomes for English Learner students.

    Each year our parent committees evaluate the progress of SPaS schools improvement in areas identified in the LCAP and make suggestions for changes to the next year’s LCAP. Each spring, the revised LCAP will be approved by the County Board of Education in June.