• clear administrative credential program


    ACOE's Clear Induction program meets the new California Commission for Teacher Credentialing (CTC) guidelines for the Clear Administrative Services Credential. This replaces the Tier II program.

    ACOE’s Clear Administrative Credential Program is provided in partnership with the Association for California School Administrators (ACSA). We serve as their Local Program Coordinator to provide this service to the administrators in our county.

    As of July 1, 2015, all administrators seeking to clear their Preliminary Administrative Services Credential must now do so by completing a two-year CTC approved induction program. Previous programs and pathways to the clear credential no longer exist.

    Who Should Participate?

    Current administrators who possess a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and are in a position requiring an administrative credential are eligible to apply. Any new administrators hired by districts must enroll in a Clear Induction Administrative Credential Program within 30 days of employment.

    What is the Clear Induction (formerly Tier II)?

    The Clear Administrative Services Credential Induction Program provides candidates an individualized induction experience based on the context of their leadership role, including one-on-one coaching by an experienced administrator. Candidates participate in an ongoing formative assessment, professional development seminars, and job-alike professional learning communities designed to grow the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are essential for successful administrative leadership. The ACOE Clear Induction program does not require you to attend classes; all meetings are at your site.

    Program Costs

    • The cost of the two-year program is $4,000 per year payable to ACOE.
    • $1000/year payable to "Association for California School Administrators"
    • Tuition is the responsibility of the candidate. Reimbursement and/or financial assistance is at the discretion of the school district.

    Additional information

    For program questions, contact Derek Gorshow at dgorshow@acoe.org.

  • We are not accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Please visit us again in January regarding fall 2021 enrollment.

    Derek Gorshow Derek Gorshow
    Program Director,
    College of Education
    (510) 670-7713