• Alameda County Board of Education Redistricting 2021

    The Alameda County Board of Education must review the trustee area boundaries every ten years based on updated Census data. Please explore this page to learn about the redistricting process and how to engage in the redistricting process.


2021 Approved Trustee Area Boundaries

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    Detailed Map: Download/View here 


    What is Redistricting?

    Redistricting is the process of adjusting district lines every 10 years after the release of the U.S. Census.

    Why is Redistricting important?

    Redistricting determines which communities will be grouped together and represented by the Alameda County Board of Education trustee elected for that area.

    What Redistricting Principles are used during this process?

    •  Relatively equal size – population
    •  Contiguous – districts should not hop/jump
    •  Keep districts compact – appearance/function
    •  Maintain “communities of interest”- A community of interest includes ethnic and language minorities and other groups
    •  Follow city/county/local government lines

    How did the public in Alameda County participate in this process?

    1. Attended the upcoming Board meetings (starting November 9th) to offer public comment and hear the Board discuss draft maps. You can find information about attending the Board meeting here.
    2. Offer your feedback on the maps below! You can provide feedback on each draft map plan option, share general comments about the draft map plans, as well as share which draft map plan you prefer.