• Resources on Racism

    To support our community with creating safe spaces for critical discussions and building agency and advocacy with children and youth, ACOE is compiling a list of high-quality resources. Because many students are at home at this difficult time, the following list of resources are identified for parents and caregivers in having discussions and supporting African American students with anti-racist education and self-identity. The resources are digital or easily accessible.

    "The opposite of racist isn't 'not racist.' It is 'antiracist.' … One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an anti-racist. There is no in-between safe space of 'not racist'" (p. 9). Teaching for an antiracist future starts with us, the educators. An antiracist educator actively works to dismantle the structures, policies, institutions, and systems that create barriers and perpetuate race-based inequities for people of color. Educating students to see and respect the humanity and dignity of all people should be a national imperative, especially if we want to heal—and have a future—as a nation."
    — Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist