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    3D Robotics Programming

    Program robots in 3D. Learn how to control the position, orientation and movement of robots using code. Twelve engaging activities present you with increasingly complex scenarios including programming a humanoid robot to run a track as fast as it can. There’s something for everyone, from beginner to PhD.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks, C/C++, Java, Python, MATLAB

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    Robot Autonomous Vehicle

    Program your Robotic Autonomous Vehicle (RAV) to navigate city streets using the same principles used to develop today's self driving cars. Learn how to control a Linkbot robot to successfully complete a series of complex scenarios on a virtual test track.

    Grades 6+ | Blocks, Lua

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    iRobot Coding

    Creative and seriously fun, program a virtual Root® rt1 coding robot to drive, draw, light-up and play music. This all ages programs develops coding skill in 3 different levels of programming and complexity. You’ll start with drag-and-drop, graphical blocks to teach the fundamental logic skills of coding, no reading needed. As your skills progress start coding in JavaScript and Python.

    Grades 2+ | Blocks, JavaScript, Python

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    Obstacle Course

    Guide Linkbot through an obstacle course. In this series of 8 activities you will learn how to control a Barobo Linkbot robot and help it navigate successfully on a journey along a path. You will also learn some basics of computer programming, including the very useful and powerful programming concept of loops.

    Grades 2+ | Blocks

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    RoboBlockly: Hour of Code

    Program virtual Linkbot, Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3 robots with RoboBlocky, a robot simulation environment for learning coding and math. Invent your own creative projects and power up your robots with increasingly complex code. Try over 30 different missions for learners of all levels.

    Grades 2+ | Blockly, C/C++, Ch

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    Use simple icons to guide your robot through a world of adventure.The same loveable BeeBots you've crawled around on the floor with for hours only now they're virtual. Program your BeeBot to travel along a variety of virtual game mats to spell words, do simple math problems or just explore. Choose from over 40 mat adventures.

    Grades TK-2+| Icons

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    Robot Repair

    Even robots need repairs sometimes. We’ll walk you through the process of repairing a robot’s brain, otherwise known as a controller. Along the way you’ll solve challenges and puzzles. Within an hour you’ll develop an understanding of advanced programming concepts.

    Grades 2+ | Code Independant

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    Program Karel the Robot

    Karel is a simple robot capable of doing amazing things. Karel understands five basic instructions and performs a variety of tasks using these commands. Karel can also answer simple questions about his immediate environment.

    Grades 2+ | Karel

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    Virtual Robotics 3D Simulator

    Write code to control motors, LEDs, and other peripherals on a CodeBot in a virtual 3D environment. Learn Python programming with the powerful Code Space 3D robotics simulator. You'll complete challenging missions in a virtual environment with realistic physics behaviors. The Sandbox mode lets you get creative with unlimited Python coding possibilities.

    Grades TK-6+| Python

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