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    Working in one of the most diverse counties in the United States affords us the rare privilege of supporting students with vastly different cultures and linguistic needs. Join fellow language and literacy colleagues as we explore ways in which to empower teachers’ pedagogical practices and students’ voices through communal discussion around policy, program implementation, and resources.

    Content from each meeting will include updates from the California Department of Education (CDE)’s Bilingual Coordinators Network and the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC)’s ELA/ELD Subcommittee, as well as opportunities to learn from leaders in the county through district spotlights and networking.

    2023-2024 ELLN Meeting Dates

    • 9/8/23 MLLN regional meeting
    • 10/6/23 ELLN county meeting
    • 11/3/23 ELLN county meeting
    • 12/8/23 MLLN regional meeting
    • 1/12/24 ELLN county meeting
    • 2/9/24 ELLN county meeting
    • 3/1/24 MLLN regional meeting
    • 4/12/24 ELLN county meeting
    • 5/10/24 MLLN regional meeting

    All meetings will be held virtually on Fridays from 10:00 am–12:00 pm.

    Are you a district or site leader who is interested in attending? If so, please complete this registration form to be added to the meeting invitations.

    2022-2023 ELLN Meeting Resource Links

    2021-2022 Meeting Resource Links (Archive)

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