• Burke Academy

    William P. Burke Academy, in Hayward, provides academic instruction, support services, and child care for parenting students.

    Our teachers and staff offer a nurturing learning environment for young moms and dads as they complete their high school education. Students have access to curriculum and support services to develop the skills and experiences needed to provide a safe and caring environment for themselves and their children.

    Burke Academy Support Services

    • Parenting education and life skills class
    • Prenatal, health, and nutrition education
    • College and career counseling
    • Enrichment and recreational activities
    • Child care and child development

    ACOE Programs Serving Parenting Teens

    ACOE runs a school program for parenting teens at two separate sites, in San Leandro and Hayward. Each location includes on-site child care to support students as they strive to complete their high school graduation requirements. Any parenting student in Alameda County is eligible to enroll. Students whose home district is not able to provide a parenting program may attend a county school.

    Students may be identified by parents, counselors, nurses, doctors, other students, and local agencies.  Referrals for students under 18 can be made by their district of residence  


Check It Out!

  • The Steve L. Butler Memorial Fund is available to SPaS students enrolled in ACOE schools.  Award amounts vary, depending on need, and can be used to buy books, a suit for work, covering class, conference or workshop fees, or more.

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