Policy Committee Logo
  • The ACOE Policy Committee is a 15-member advisory group of leaders from each ACOE department that meets monthly, and more often as needed, to:

    • Promote policy positions aligned with our mission
    • Increase staff engagement in policy
    • Support policy information-sharing across departments
    • Ensure understanding of policies

    The Committee has developed a three-tiered approach to vetting policy proposals that come to ACOE's attention to recommend a policy position for Cabinet and the Superintendent to consider. We apply the following criteria, as well as topic-specific expertise, to make our recommendation to ACOE leaders:

    • Alignment with ACOE 2023 legislative platform
    • Alignment with ACOE mission, vision, principles, values, goals
    • ACOE leadership in the area
    • ACOE capacity
    • Opportunity
    • Relevance/salience of issue
    • Potential partners (who else is taking a position), constituent feedback
    • Public relations, optics, message the position conveys
    • Impact ACOE can have on the policy
    • Impact the policy can have on staff, students, institutions, funding, equity
    • Timeline to implement

    If you have a policy that you would like the Policy Committee to vet please complete this form