• Instructional Technology 

    The Core Learning team understands that incorporating technology into instruction means more than just buying licenses and hardware.

    We are constantly seeking ways to make technology relevant to today's teaching in order to support the different learning needs of our students.

    Our approach focuses on providing support and coaching for integrating technology in a smart and meaningful way. We think technology can provide insights into student learning and make learning more collaborative. It can give immediate feedback and provide content at a student needs while allowing teachers to make better decisions based on data. Beyond this, technology tools also provide exciting new opportunities for authoring content, from slide presentations to virtual reality experiences. We will work with you to find the right technology tools to match your needs and to help you unleash your student's creative potential in order to make learning more engaging and transformative.

    Contact us if you need help with, or want to learn more about:


    Google Suite Strategies

    Personalized learning solutions (Blended Learning)

    Digital content authoring tools for the PBL classroom

    Tech to support content areas and Common Core

    Using tech to support a student-centered classroom

    Tech tools and practices to promote inclusion for SPED and ELLs

    Virtual reality, 3D modeling, advanced manufacturing

    Computer Science and Engineering

    School web and software development



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    Francisco Nieto
    EdTech Program Manager