ACOE Network Guide

  • ACOE convenes several networks across the county, believing that together we are stronger.

    The following networks are open to staff from our 18 member school districts. If interested in any network, please contact the ACOE lead listed.

    Superintendents Council

    The Alameda County Superintendents Council is our flagship network, bringing together the top administrators for all districts in the county. The council is strengthened by the convening of the following education and business networks across the county.

    Education Networks

    • Assessment and Data Network
      Lead: Scott Figgins,
      When: Monthly (August-May)
    • Core Coaching Network
      Lead: Navdeep Purewal,
      When: Monthly (September-May)
    • Early Learning Network
      Lead: Neva Bandelow,
      When: 2nd Thursday of each month
    • Lead Learners Network
      Lead: Ingrid Lainez Roberson,
      When: Monthly (September-May)
    • Student Services Council
      Lead: Monica Vaughan,
      When: Every other month

    Business Networks

    • California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS)
      Lead: Paula Carmosino
      When: January and April
    • Chief Business Officers Meeting
      Lead: Raul A. Parungao
      When: Quarterly
    • Chief Technology Officers Meeting
      Lead: Ryan Choate,
      When: Varies
    • Facility Planners Meeting
      Lead: Alicia Masri,
      When: Every other month; summer and holidays TBD
    • Human Resource Consortium
      Lead: Shaun McElroy,
      When: Monthly (August-May)
    • Public Information Officers Meeting
      Lead: Michelle Smith McDonald,
      When: Quarterly
    • Superintendents Council
      Lead: Dan Bellino
      When: Monthly