• Research, Assessment, & Accountability Partnerships

    The Research, Assessment and Accountability Partnerships Department provides educational oversight and strategic support to districts. We are responsible for the review, and approval of 18 district Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) and work with district leaders, parents and other stakeholders to monitor the performance measures that help all students to graduate, ready for success in college and career.

    Services include:

    • Research
    • Assessment
    • State and Federal Accountability
    • Local Control Accountability Plans
    • Family and Community Engagement
    • English Language Learner and Multilingual Services
  • Contact Research, Assessment & Accountability Partnerships Staff

    Juwen Lam Juwen Lam
    Executive Director, Research, Assessment & Accountability Partnerships
    (510) 670-4147
    scott figgins Scott Figgins
    Program Director, Assessment, Accountability, & Analytics
    (510) 670-4245
    natasha Natasha Cotar
    Program Manager, Research & Evaluation
    (510) 670-4583
    Amanda Bennett Amanda Bennett
    Project Director, Data
    (510) 670-4560
    Monique Tate Monique Tate
    Project Director, Accountability Partnerships
    (510) 670-4171
    Shannon OBrien Shannon O'Brien
    Project Director, School Performance Framework
    (510) 670-4283
    Araceli Varela Araceli Varela
    Program Specialist
    (510) 670-4236
    sierra falcon Sierra Falcon
    Program Specialist
    (510) 670-4557