Personnel Commission Contact

Whom to Contact


Veronica Hodge, Executive Director Veronica Hodge
Executive Director,
Personnel Commission
Sherry Causey Sherry Causey
Personnel Assistant
  • Performance Evaluations (collection only)
  • Recruitment and Exam Support
  • Special Para-Professional Testing Coordination
  • Personnel Commission Support
  • PC Office Support
  • Personnel Authorization Form (PAR) Tracking
Kaitlyn Lundell Kaitlyn Lundell
Personnel Specialist
  • Classified Management and Staff Recruitments
  • Classification and Compensation
  • Personnel Commission Minutes
  Robbie White
Temporary Sr. Personnel Specialist
  • Temporary Classified and Management Recruitments
  • Temporary Appointments:
    ✓ Out of Class
    ✓ Limited Term
    ✓ Bilingual Stipends
    ✓ Stipends
    ✓ Provisional Appt.
    ✓ Professional Experts