ACOE COVID Status Update

January 25, 2022

Prioritizing the Care and Learning of Our Students
I very much understand the deep sense of concern and frustration that families, teachers and communities are experiencing at this time. The Omicron surge has produced some of the most difficult days we have faced in public education yet during this pandemic. It has caused significant disruption for our schools and districts. As a County Office of Education supporting 18 school districts as well as our own schools, we are partnering with educational leaders, teachers, school staff, students and families to provide a host of resources and services as well as distributing N-95 masks from the State to every K-12 public, charter and private school in the county.
I want to express my appreciation for the hard work of teachers, staff and leaders on behalf of their schools during these tough times. It has been too hard for too many days now as we've worked in unimaginable ways to prioritize the care of our students and ensure they are learning in the healthiest and safest environments.
We are rooting for all of you and your communities as we work side-by-side to get through these challenging days.

L.K. Monroe
Alameda County Superintendent of Schools

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