Alameda County Superintendent L.K. Monroe Honored by State's Superintendent Association

September 22, 2022

Alameda County Superintendent L.K. Monroe Honored by State's Superintendent Association

Monroe Receives Organization's Champion's Award

Hayward, CA - Alameda County Superintendent of Schools L.K. Monroe was given the California County Superintendents Champion's Award, presented by current President Dr. Debra Duardo, Los Angeles County Superintendent, at the General Membership Meeting Awards Dinner in Long Beach on Tuesday night.
California County Superintendents President Dr. Debra Duardo (left) and Alameda County Superintendent of Schools L.K. Monroe (right)
"L.K. is an incredible leader, and we are so grateful for your contributions to this organization, and the students you have no doubt impacted in your career," said Duardo in presenting the award. "Thank you for all that you have done and we can’t wait to root for you in your next endeavor."

The Champion's Award is presented to the county superintendent that has been selected by the five most recent California County Superintendents Past Presidents, as the county superintendent that “epitomizes the mission of the organization." It is the top honor bestowed at the event and was the final award presented that night.

"This is big. Not just this award but my time with all of you," said Monroe to her fellow County Superintendents in accepting the award. "The County Superintendency wasn't something I really aspired to, but like many of you, I saw the opportunity. I saw the opportunity to lead for children and saw the opportunity to actually step up in ways that are unique and responsive. There are very few jobs that elicit so much for kids.”

Monroe was the President of the California County Superintendents (2021-22) during a global pandemic in which she fearlessly and calmly led her colleagues, even spearheading the much-needed year-long strategic plan process. The outcomes of that process positioned the California County Superintendents to be better suited to address the current needs of its members, and to help the organization move forward with its mission, vision, and goals, while always keeping in mind its responsibility to provide a high-quality education for ALL students.

"I firmly believe that we are all on a path and a journey and that it continues no matter where you are, particularly when you have a commitment to doing the good and the right work which you all do," added Monroe. "And I intend to continue doing that from a different chair.

"Thank you for this. Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for your support. Just thank you for being who you are. And thank you on behalf of California's children for everything you've done and will continue to do."
L.K. Monroe is Alameda County’s Superintendent of Schools elected by the voters to lead the educational programs, services, and initiatives at the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) and to provide fiscal and academic oversight and support for the county’s 18 school districts, 1 county district, 13 charters, and 3 Regional Occupational Programs (ROP). Earlier this year, she completed her term as the President of the California County Superintendents (CCS), representing the state’s 58 county Superintendents.
Since taking office in January 2015, Superintendent Monroe has worked to position the ACOE as a model of social justice in action.  At a time of tremendous change in public education, including broad shifts in funding, standards, testing, and accountability, Monroe’s vision for the agency includes a commitment to equip the most vulnerable students and those who serve them with the tools to successfully make their way to, in, and through our public schools. Her approach builds on the rich assets of the county’s diverse community, aligned with the best efforts of many different agencies, organizations, and individuals to pursue an imperative vision of high quality education, including mental and physical wellbeing, for all our youth.

Monroe is a committed advocate for the very best educational outcomes for all students. Her extensive experience as an educational leader and administrator includes serving as: Legislative Intern for the Honorable Shirley Chisholm, the Bay Area liaison for A Better Chance; a founder of the non-profit Educational Technology Training Institute; a teacher, School Improvement Grant Coordinator, and award-winning principal in Oakland schools; Director of Academics for Seneca Center; and Associate Superintendent of Education for Alameda County.