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    ACOE's Clear Administrative Services Credentialing (CASC) program is intended for individuals who currently possess a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential or an Administrative Services Certificate of Eligibility. Applicants must also be currently employed or have accepted a position requiring an administrative credential.

    If you are seeking an administrative services credential for the first time, please visit the Commission on Teacher Credentialing's website for the requirements and program sponsors. We look forward to supporting you in future when you are seeking the clear credential. 

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    Our Program

    ACOE's CASC program equips new school administrators with the skills to:
    • Lead with confidence and skill
    • Ensure the success of every child

    Candidate Benefits

    • 2 years of coaching feedback and support
    • Alignment with the work you are already doing
    • Completion of the Clear Administrative Services Credential requirements


    District Benefits

    • Alignment with district needs
    • Partnership with ACOE to support your leaders
    • Candidate’s commitment to work in districts in the Bay Area needing added support for the duration of the 2-year program


    State Requirements

    • Possess either a Preliminary Administrative Credential or Certificate of Eligibility
    • Verification of employment in an administrative position for 2022-2023 school year

    Program Requirements

    • Strong cultural competency
    • Commitment to work in districts in the Bay Area needing added support for the duration of the 2-year program


    Cost of Program
    The tuition, which includes 40 hours of one-on-one and cohort coaching per year, is $3970 per year. See Fee Schedule for details.

    We encourage districts to provide financial support for their leaders. If your district wishes to do so, please contact us casc@acoe.org to set up arrangements by August 15th. 

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    Applying to CASC at ACOE

    We are accepting applications for participation in the 2022-2024 cohort which begins late September 2022. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until September 1, 2022 or until the cohort is full. 

    Step 1
    Required Materials
    Collect the following materials before you apply through our Google Form:

    Step 2
    Application Fee
    There is a $100 non-refundable application fee that will be applied towards the program cost upon acceptance into the program. Pay the application fee before you apply.

    Pay Here

    Step 3
    Apply Using Our Google Form
    Once you have collected the required documents and paid the application fee, you are ready to apply and use the Google Form linked below.

    Apply Here


    Learn More

    Program Materials


    Connect with us. Email us at casc@acoe.org

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     Maria Vlahiotis

    Maria Vlahiotis
    Director I,
    Core Learning
    (510) 670-4239

    adriene metoyer leonard

    Adriene Metoyer-Leonard
    Administrative Assistant
    (510) 670-4119