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Career Education (Pathways)

Career Pathways Tool

This is an interactive career pathways tool for school counselors. It is a digital resource that visually maps out career options, offering information on each pathway's educational requirements, skills needed, and job prospects. The goal is to enable counselors to tailor career guidance to students' interests and aptitudes, helping them explore and plan their entry into various trades with clear, actionable steps.



Electrical careers offer diverse opportunities for professionals to innovate and solve complex problems, from designing cutting-edge technology to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of power. 

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Firefighting careers provide a dynamic and impactful path for individuals dedicated to protecting communities, responding to emergencies, and making a tangible difference in critical situations.

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HVAC careers offer specialized opportunities for professionals to maintain and optimize indoor climate systems, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

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machine technology

Machine Technology

Machine technology careers empower professionals to design, operate, and maintain advanced machinery, driving innovation and precision across manufacturing and production industries.


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Plumbing careers involve skilled professionals who install, repair, and maintain essential water and drainage systems, ensuring the reliable and efficient flow of resources in homes and businesses.


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sheet metal

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal careers provide skilled tradespeople with opportunities to fabricate, install, and repair metal components for various applications, from building construction to HVAC systems, ensuring durability and functionality.

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Carpentry careers offer craftsmen the chance to create and refine wooden structures and fixtures, blending artistry with technical skill to build everything from intricate cabinetry to sturdy frameworks.

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auto mechanic

Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanic careers enable professionals to diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles, utilizing technical expertise to ensure safety, performance, and reliability on the road.


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Welding careers involve skilled professionals joining and fabricating metal components, playing a crucial role in various industries by ensuring structural integrity and precision in everything from infrastructure to custom designs.

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computer aided drafting


CAD/CAM careers offer professionals the chance to design and produce intricate and precise components using advanced software and machinery, driving innovation and efficiency across engineering and manufacturing sectors.


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operating engineer

Operating Engineer

Operating engineer careers involve mastering the operation and maintenance of heavy machinery and equipment, crucial for the successful completion of construction projects, infrastructure development, and industrial processes.

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Laborer careers provide opportunities for individuals to engage in a wide range of physically demanding tasks across various industries, contributing essential manual skills and hard work to construction, maintenance, and manufacturing projects.

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Nursing & Radiology

Nursing and radiology careers offer vital healthcare services, with nurses providing compassionate patient care and radiologists using advanced imaging technologies to diagnose and guide treatment, both playing crucial roles in improving patient outcomes.

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Dental assisting

Dental Assisting

Dental assisting careers involve supporting dentists by performing clinical tasks, managing patient care, and ensuring smooth operations in dental practices, all while contributing to improved oral health and patient comfort.

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Dietitian careers involve providing personalized nutrition guidance and education to promote health and wellness, helping individuals and communities achieve balanced diets and optimal well-being.


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