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  • Interested in becoming a teacher, but don't know where to start? You're in the right place! ACOE has a range of options to support you in becoming a teacher in Alameda County.




    If you would like to speak with someone about your educational career interests, what you may qualify for, and a path to achieving your goals, sign up for a 15-minute Zoom Consultation or Call.

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    If you have specific questions you would like answered, please email us at path@acoe.org

    If you want to explore your options on your own time, please visit our program pages below.




    Aspiring Teachers Program

    Join other aspiring educators on the path to becoming a teacher!

    ACOE will help you earn and pay for a Bachelor's degree, and help you pass the credentialing exam or support you with coursework, so you can bypass it.

    Teacher Residency

    Earn your master's degree and teaching credential in this one-year program!

    This program allows paraeducators and substitute teachers to continue working in their roles. Participants can receive living stipends and have opportunities for scholarships, and will be prioritized for hiring in Alameda County.

    Residency at TCSJ
    Transforming education together through growing and equipping equity-focused and inclusion-minded teachers who advocate for social justice.


    Teacher Intern Program

    This two-year program is designed to help you get a teaching credential and a Master's degree while working in a classroom.

    Participants pay $1000 - the rest is covered!


    Career Technical Education Credential

    Would you like to teach students about the industry you have worked in? Join other new career and technical education (CTE) teachers in this one-year program, which includes coaching.


    Substitute Pipeline

    Try out teaching by becoming a substitute at a school in your community!


    Teacher Mentorship Program

    ACOE's Teacher Mentorship (Induction) Program provides new teachers with regular coaching to support their development of best instructional practices and getting their credentials.  


    Clear Path for the Advancement in Leadership

    ACOE's Clear Administrative Services Credentialing (CASC) program prepares first and second year school and district leaders to lead equity transformation in schools and departments.



  • The Professional Advancement and Training Hub (P.A.T.H.) provides career pipelines and talent development in service of a skilled, diverse, and stable workforce in our districts and county that mirrors our communities. We target specific staffing gaps disproportionately affecting our focal students and not currently addressed through local programming.

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